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Price List

In order to display my images in the best possible light, I print exclusively using metallic/acrylic face mounting.

All pieces are printed on a metallic photo paper and then sealed between acrylic (plexiglass) and a protective backing.  This process enhances contrast, adds vibrance, sharpness and colour saturation, while protecting the print from scratches, sagging, and premature fading.  A float frame is then added to the protective backing, resulting in a ready-to-hang piece offering about 1" stand-off from the wall.

To date, I have not found another method that results in the depth and colour reproduction offered by the acrylic.  It is truly something to behold!  If you are in Kingston, I invite you to check out my work at Kingston Frameworks where you can get a better idea of what these prints have to offer!

Dimensions (inches)           Price (Ready to Hang)


           12 x 24                                    $300.00

           18 x 36                                    $450.00

           20 x 40                                    $500.00

           24 x 48                                    $700.00


           16 x 24                                    $350.00

           20 x 30                                    $400.00

           24 x 36                                    $500.00

           32 x 48                                    $750.00

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